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Oh Shit Part 2

Wasn’t planning on two parts but the previous post got a bit long. After the Moco I did this

Then wandered around taking some photos

Ran into my friend

Then it started getting dark

And I’ll end where I began

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Oh Shit

This is my last full day! I had the 29th stuck in my head as the day I was leaving, but that’s actually the day I get back! D’oh! My journey home tomorrow starts with a fight to Copenhagen where I’ll have a 12 hour layover; planned ahead, booked a room, might have an hour or two for Denmarkventuring.

So this being my last full day I implemented Plan A from yesterday. When I arrived I took too many of these and couldn’t decide which to post

I liked the photobombers, nice smiles.

Then I went to the Moco Museum for the Banksy exhibit. Here’s a few shots with limited commentary

And a few with commentary.


My favorite

What usually happens to me

These go together

Mickey Snake

Sculpture garden

Last stop here

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Today was a good day to head to Amsterdam. Upon exiting central station I felt immediately at home; it was good to be back. I decided to lazily wander toward the Rijksmuseum taking in the sights…like a wrapped store

Then I noticed this

(Had a burst of creativity I suppose.)

This wasn’t what I was going for but it turned out alright

I continued meandering toward the Rijksmuseum from memory, which wasn’t the best, or the worst thing to do. It wasn’t the worst because I came upon this cool architectural detail

which made me think of fish sticks, and this frickin’ awesome tree!

It just screams, “I need a filter.” Not yet. Here’s the other side

Meandering made me hungry so I sought out Leidseplien to get some food and drink. I chose an outside table in the plaza at a cafe that indicated it served Heineken sat down, and waited. Then waited some more. People at the outdoor cafe to my left were wrapping up their meal. I waited some more. (For those of you unfamiliar, at the majority of the casual eating establishments here you enter, choose a seat and someone comes to take your order; eventually.)

While I was waiting another person came and sat at a table in the cafe to my right. Within moments someone came to take his order, he waved them away though as he was waiting for friends.

I waited some more. I’m patient to a fault.

As I waited the dudes, to my right, buddies arrived and sat. The server came to take their order, then waved them away as they were just going to hang out and chat but not order anything.

I waited a tick more then walked across the plaza to the Heineken pub where I enjoyed some kastangles, tomato soup, and a pint. Afterward the sun broke through and I headed toward the Rijksmuseum, as I was sure where it was relative to Leidseplein.

Found it

(It’s behind the I amsterdam incase you didn’t know. I didn’t go in though, it bored me to tears last time, I just wanted to see the stuff around it.)

Like this

Translation: Non urinate in the wind, a man of understanding. Very true.

And this

Truth be told I didn’t actually go looking for that, just saw it and thought it was cool. I also noticed one of the museums had a Banksy exhibit, but I’m saving that for another post.

Having satiated my desire to make it to the area near the Rijksmuseum I decided to head back to Amsterdam Centraal. Along the way, the following caught my attention

whatever that means.

Yes. A store that sells popular culture. Mostly Marvel stuff and a variety of cartoon paraphernalia.

Dragon buttress. (Heh-heh, ‘butt’)

Street cat.

Obligatory landscape shots. Very proud of that last one.


Me too.

Juxtaposed to previous. But not contradictory.

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Epic Day 2

1) visited Anne Franke house.
2) visited diamond factory.
3) took canal cruise.
4) [here comes the epic part] myself and a few other students separated from the main group to duck into a supermarket and buy some Speculoos, mmmmm. We agreed to be quick and run to catch up with the others by the Dam (cathedral). We were, and we ran, but the large group was not where they said they’d be. As I walked the square to find the rest of the group, the students who were with me stopped to watch a juggler. Upon my return from not finding the rest of the group the following happened:
a) one of my students was selected to assist the juggler
b) he snapped a whip near her face.
c) he made several funny, slightly off color, full of innuendo jokes
d) for his finale he swallowed a sword then juggled a torch, a large knife and a baton then had my student pull the sword from his mouth.
5) After the juggler we decided to walk to the Red Light district, just to say we had, and ran into the tour leader who said everyone had 30 minutes to wander/shop around, so we wandered down to the Red Light district and saw some, uh, interesting stuff.
6) we rounded the corner from the interesting stuff and saw a condom store, complete with unrolled samples in the window.
7) we stepped into a gift shop and one of my students found penis shaped salt and pepper shakers.

To recap: my student assisted a sword swallowing juggler, we visited the Red Light district and saw a condom store, then found penis shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Did I mention the kids who were with me were all girls?

I’m so fired.

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Netherlands Post Visit – Fini

Alas I have run out of pictures to share from the Netherlands so this will be my last post until I venture abroad again; hopefully in the near future.  I will be continuing to post on my other blog which has photos from my adventures in California.  I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites from the Netherlands.

One of my favorite ventures was to the ‘Heineken Experience’, not just because 3 beers were included with the admission price, and there was a horse that shared my name, but because it was  a great place to people watch and I got to personalize an actual bottle of Heineken. The end of the factory tour is set up like a club, disco lights, loud music and table games so people are behaving as if they’re in a club.  One guy in particular caught my attention because he was having his wife circulate around the room collecting all the unfinished beers and pouring them into his glass.  Yep, he was getting hammered.  I happened to be leaving the factory at the same time they were and they were trying to collect their free gift, which could only be collected by visiting the factory store in a different part of town.  Heineken provides a boat from the factory to the store but the last boat of the day had just left; Mr. Hammered had difficulty understanding this, I felt bad for the employee that had to try and help him understand.

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Netherlands Post Visit – Urban Critters

While wandering around Utrecht and Amsterdam I enjoyed occasionally coming across  the occasional urban critter.

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Netherlands Post Visit – Architecture

Initially walking around Utrecht and Amsterdam I felt like I was in some sort of amusement park. The architecture just kind of had the look of being a little too storybook, if you know what I mean.  Then I was told why they appeared that way.  One reason is that the windows on many Dutch buildings are designed to get smaller as the building gets higher giving the illusion that the structures are taller than they actually are.  Another reason is that Dutch staircases tend to be rater steep and narrow making it difficult to heft furniture up to the top floors.  So the buildings lean outward slightly and many homes have a beam hanging from the top over the street with a pulley at the end to hoist heavy things into the house.  Clever, but it messes with your head a little if you’re not used to it.

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Netherlands Post Visit – Canals

What recounting of a trip to the Netherlands would be complete without mentioning canals?

I have some photos from adventuring in California on my main blog for anyone interested

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Netherlands Post Visit – Doors

What is it about doors?

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Netherlands Post Visit – Schema Check

Some of the most fun I have travelling is interpreting signs.  I enjoy seeing how other countries convey basic traffic rules, how they advertise their products, and really get a kick out of seeing how American products are portrayed. Here is an especially Dutch traffic sign:


Very helpful, but there was another one for cars and pedestrians and sometimes they would not all be green at the same time even for people waiting to go the same direction.  Here’s one that made me chuckle a little


He’s very focused and purposeful.  This one confused me until I used Google Translate


I thought it meant no bikes or scooters, but it actually means do not enter “except” for bikes or scooters.  Clearly there are cars in the “except” area though, so I’m still a little confused, maybe it’s one way for cars?

This one I appreciated for the sentiment on the bottom, which I think was added by locals.


“Non-violent zone”

Near this sign was this one on the ground which speaks to the sentiment I am trying to convey


I found it amusing, or maybe ironic not sure which, that this was in a small square next to this



But sometimes, you don’t need things translated especially if you’re hungry


Though the offerings might confuse you.


The translations can also make  you grin

Mc Drive?

Mc Drive?

Perhaps you’d like more choices? No problem


No doubt Tony Stark would be pleased. How about some Vietnamese?





How about Chinese?


Chicken and ribs?  No problem


Now, if you need a caffeine fix and you know nothing about Amsterdam except that it’s located in the Netherlands you’re going to be confused if you go here


Because they don’t specialize in coffee, they specialize in another plant.  (I originally took this photo because the mascot of the school I work for is a Bulldog, didn’t notice the ‘coffee shop until later.) If you want caffeine you can always go to a kaffe shop or look for the ever ubiquitous shop in this photo


Sometimes eating at restaurants in other countries can be risky, unless they have this claim


At first I thought this advertisement was clever because it was suggesting having a Coke with the artists


Later in a supermarket I saw Coke bottles with common Dutch names on them; what a great idea, you could buy a Coke with your friends name on it!  While sharing a Coke with your friend you could shop here


Though shopping at America Today you might run into this

Sad, and embarrassing

Sad, and embarrassing, though I’m glad it’s on a toilet.

I also got a kick out of graffiti, posters and stickers on poles


That's a little harsh

That’s a little harsh




I agree.  I’ll end with this one that made me laugh.


In context



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