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Today was a good day to head to Amsterdam. Upon exiting central station I felt immediately at home; it was good to be back. I decided to lazily wander toward the Rijksmuseum taking in the sights…like a wrapped store

Then I noticed this

(Had a burst of creativity I suppose.)

This wasn’t what I was going for but it turned out alright

I continued meandering toward the Rijksmuseum from memory, which wasn’t the best, or the worst thing to do. It wasn’t the worst because I came upon this cool architectural detail

which made me think of fish sticks, and this frickin’ awesome tree!

It just screams, “I need a filter.” Not yet. Here’s the other side

Meandering made me hungry so I sought out Leidseplien to get some food and drink. I chose an outside table in the plaza at a cafe that indicated it served Heineken sat down, and waited. Then waited some more. People at the outdoor cafe to my left were wrapping up their meal. I waited some more. (For those of you unfamiliar, at the majority of the casual eating establishments here you enter, choose a seat and someone comes to take your order; eventually.)

While I was waiting another person came and sat at a table in the cafe to my right. Within moments someone came to take his order, he waved them away though as he was waiting for friends.

I waited some more. I’m patient to a fault.

As I waited the dudes, to my right, buddies arrived and sat. The server came to take their order, then waved them away as they were just going to hang out and chat but not order anything.

I waited a tick more then walked across the plaza to the Heineken pub where I enjoyed some kastangles, tomato soup, and a pint. Afterward the sun broke through and I headed toward the Rijksmuseum, as I was sure where it was relative to Leidseplein.

Found it

(It’s behind the I amsterdam incase you didn’t know. I didn’t go in though, it bored me to tears last time, I just wanted to see the stuff around it.)

Like this

Translation: Non urinate in the wind, a man of understanding. Very true.

And this

Truth be told I didn’t actually go looking for that, just saw it and thought it was cool. I also noticed one of the museums had a Banksy exhibit, but I’m saving that for another post.

Having satiated my desire to make it to the area near the Rijksmuseum I decided to head back to Amsterdam Centraal. Along the way, the following caught my attention

whatever that means.

Yes. A store that sells popular culture. Mostly Marvel stuff and a variety of cartoon paraphernalia.

Dragon buttress. (Heh-heh, ‘butt’)

Street cat.

Obligatory landscape shots. Very proud of that last one.


Me too.

Juxtaposed to previous. But not contradictory.

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