The Sun Changes Everything

Plan A was to travel back to Amsterdam, see the Banksy exhibit, buy some souvenirs then, get some dinner and check out the Amsterdam Light Festival; but first I was going to explore a bit locally because the sun came out.

As I was slipping on my shoes, however, a discussion arose as to what the rest of the house was going to do this afternoon. Someone mentioned a castle.

Plan B, short local exploration, then castle.

Like I said, the sun came out

Saw some fowl

Thought this looked better with some sun

Found this amusing, note to self- come back when it’s open

Not sure what this is but I liked it

Pancho Villa? Wyatt Earp?

Whichever, or whoever, he was facing Frank Zappa

Went to Kebap Factory and got some to go, returned to the house to eat and await departure for our castle adventure.

Entrance to Castle de Haar

Arch to courtyard

Courtyard, hey, just realized what courtyard means 🙂

Found in the ticket office/gift shop (my students will appreciate it.)

(some seemingly random photos ahead.)

(I photograph what I like.)


This is my good side

Quite the knocker

Totally inappropes (for the ‘Archer’ fans)

Bathtubs in the floor and creepy mannequins


On the way back we stopped at Geertje’s Hoeve, a working farm, pancake house and, um, family park? Where among other things I saw some cute critters.

mouse on the cheese plate

And we had time we could’ve roasted marshmallows

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful photos and information

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