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Never Trust your Pisa Picture to Someone Else

When we arrived at Pisa I was excited to take my gratuitous, “Look at me I’m holding up the leaning tower of Pisa!” picture.  I had the setting fixed in my head; perspective was everything.  I was supposed to appear larger than, or near the same size, as the tower with my hand holding it up.  I handed my camera to my friend to take my picture and she said, “No, we need to be closer.”

“But…”  Then our tour guide whisked us off somewhere.  Shit.

Later on we had some free time and I handed my camera off to another “friend” who took this picture:

Damnit! Not only is the top of the tower chopped off, but I’m miniscule and appear to be merely pointing at the bottom of the tower.  “Trust” and “double check” have important new meanings for me.

Anyway, here are some more Pisa pics for you to enjoy:

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Days 6-7

Days 6 and 7 have largely been spent on a bus with periodic stops at roadside gas stations/cafeterias. Had we not also been stopping at cool places I might be a little upset; if I could remember the names of the places we visited I’d feel a lot better….I’ll blame it on the bus ride. I’ll fill in the itinerary when I return. Meantime I’ve been snapping lots of pics.



A bridge from the 1st century on the way to Carcassone, or after….you know, the bus thing…


A bell in the cathedral at Carcassone…


…and it’s creepy gargoyle things…


In one of the alleyways I found some signs of home


And some flowers


Almost forgot, we visited a perfume factory that makes and sells its stuff only in France (and online) called


That had this outside


Where I bought some eau de toilette that at the time I thought smelled nice and had a hint of evergreen forest, but am now afraid it might smell like a car Christmas tree air freshener.

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