Never Trust your Pisa Picture to Someone Else

When we arrived at Pisa I was excited to take my gratuitous, “Look at me I’m holding up the leaning tower of Pisa!” picture.  I had the setting fixed in my head; perspective was everything.  I was supposed to appear larger than, or near the same size, as the tower with my hand holding it up.  I handed my camera to my friend to take my picture and she said, “No, we need to be closer.”

“But…”  Then our tour guide whisked us off somewhere.  Shit.

Later on we had some free time and I handed my camera off to another “friend” who took this picture:

Damnit! Not only is the top of the tower chopped off, but I’m miniscule and appear to be merely pointing at the bottom of the tower.  “Trust” and “double check” have important new meanings for me.

Anyway, here are some more Pisa pics for you to enjoy:

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4 thoughts on “Never Trust your Pisa Picture to Someone Else

  1. You have some amazing photographs. On the point of getting your picture taken to look like yout propping up the iconic tower, my favourite photographer, Martin Parr, took an amusing picture of the tower and the tourists. Check it out, here it is:

  2. It’s so hard to get a good photo with so many people around too! Gotta do the holding up the tower pose though!

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