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Sagrada Familia

Guadi was simply amazing.  To translate his visions into such awesome structures.  Yet another place I could’ve spent at least one full day admiring; I’m almost certain I would have gotten lost in the details and been able to ignore the throngs of people.  Truly amazing, gorgeous structure.

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There were many times on this trip that I wished I was not on a package tour.  The tour was good for showing a plethora of amazing places in a short amount of time and for infecting our students with the travel bug, but there were numerous times I wanted to sit, appreciate and absorb where we were.  One such place was Park Guell designed by Antoni Guadi.  (BTW anyone  know how to add umlauts or accent marks to text with WordPress?)  I was stunned and amazed that #1 he had the visions for this park in his head and #2 he was able to translate those ideas into a tangible place, a place that ebbed and flowed though the structures themselves did not move.  I especially enjoyed the mosaics.  I’ve dabbled in mosaic and can appreciate the time and effort put into constructing the ones in the park.  I wish we had had more than an hour and a half…..

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Day 4

Today was one long day beginning with a four hour bus tour of Barcelona, winding down with a bike tour of the city, and ending with a bland Spanish dinner. The tour wasn’t so bad we were able to get out a couple of times and explore stuff, the coolest of which were the Gaudi stops. The first was Park Guell. Though we went early in the day it was tough to get pictures sans people; still absolutely stunning.



Next was Sagrada Familia where I saw this guy:


Which reminds me, at Park Guell I saw this in a tree:


And a parrot:


The bike tour off the city had a rocky start because we were waiting in front of the shop that was running the tour but no one as there. Across the plaza we noticed there was some dude sitting on a bike with the shops logo on it chatting with some folk. One of us said, “Hey, let’s go ask that guy what’s up.”

He was the right guy to ask but we had been waiting in the wrong place. Th meeting place was in a different plaza a block away, and the bikes were down a side street another block away. Meh, that’s Spain. Once we got started and navigated Barcelona traffic, no small task especially with 25 cyclists of varying skill, the ride was awesome. We were already tired and hot form the day but the ride changed everything. Without it I wouldn’t have seen this


or this:


or this:


We met the rest of the group in front of the Hard Rock to walk to dinner which I was looking forward to after a long day. The dinners so far have been great, paella, baked chicken, mmmmm. So I was looking forward to something equally good. Instead we got fried fish and boiled potatoes, with a dollop of mayo. No es mmmmmmm.

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