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Streets and Alleys

Upon returning from a trip I’m amazed by 1) how many pictures I took, and 2) the number of said pictures that are similar.  I mean really, just how many pictures of streets and alleys do I need?












The antennas caught my eye:


as did the satellite dish:


Avignon/Palace of the Popes




Montecatini Terme



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One thing that surprised me about Spain, at least the places we visited, was the amount of graffiti; there was a lot.  I’d venture to say there was even more than I’ve seen in Oakland or L.A.   I appreciate graffiti as an art form but the amount I saw in Spain was borderline too much.  On our walk to the old city center of Florence I came across something a little scary and Santaesque:So I stood next to it.

Wandering around Florence occasionally I’d see posters like this:

I know this isn’t ‘graffiti’ per se, but it is wall art and graffiti is often pained on walls…so…I guess this can be graffiti.  Anyway, I thought, “Hmm, these are a little odd.”

…And a tad disturbing.  Apparently they’re some part of a larger narrative:

Other graffiti I saw around Florence:

Never did find the beginning of this story; maybe it’s related to the other one above that looks like a group of soldiers.

Walking to the Palace of the Popes I found Scarface

Some sort of autograph wall

And President Obama.

Ok, this is obviously not graffiti, but it is street art; right?  Ok, I just thought I’d include it.

One last shot of some more conventional graffiti from Madrid:

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Day – 8

Today was the day I realized that I am most likely past the age at which I might’ve considered a) bungee jumping, b) sky diving, c) generally leaping off or out of something really high. This epiphany struck when I saw this view:


which was taken from the top of the bell tower next to the cathedral in Florence. Well not the top, but the viewing portion near the top because the top would’ve been just too hard to get to. As it was there were 400 some-odd steps, and that was plenty; believe me. Climbing all of those steps was totally worth it for view like this:


Today we also saw Michelangelo’s David, though photos were not allowed, and other cool things like this:




and this:


Tomorrow another grueling bus ride stopping at Assissi, then Rome!

We’re getting a little rummy and have developed a list of catch phrases from the trip too far feel free to guess the context:

It wasn’t too sticky.
Wanna cookie?
You can plug your phones into my computer.

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