Palacio Real

While the exterior of the Palacio Real was impressive, I enjoyed the interior more but photos inside were not permitted.  What amazed me was the amount of decorative detail in each room, I could have spent hours staring at the tapestries woven with  gold and silver threads, or the inlaid wood floors, the floor mosaics, and statuary; I could definitely do without the porcelain room, I mean I appreciate the artistry but, um, it seemed like a big bathroom.  I suppose lots of money allows one to do silly things with porcelain.

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8 thoughts on “Palacio Real

  1. Love el Palacio Real, love Madrid, and love your post!

  2. Did you get into the cathedral? I remember a very modern color scheme inside.

    • Unfortunately no, it wasn’t on the itinerary of our “cram in a bunch of stuff in a short period of time” trip.

      • Hey, I found a couple shots from our 2004 trip. I’ve got them scheduled for this coming Friday. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your trip, thanks for all the stories and photos!

        • Cool, I’ll keep my eye peeled for those. And thanks, though the trip is over and school has started back up, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting my photos and posting a few more.

  3. I totally agree with andresmile 🙂 Great photos!

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