In Situ

One of the many great things about taking lots of photos when one travels is that we get to revisit them when we’re back at work.  During our whirlwind tour of Barcelona we were taken on about a two hour or a bit less bus tour of the highlights of the city.  The tour itself would likely have been better if it were an open top double-decker type bus and I were riding in the top because taking pictures through bus windows is, well, lame.  As the tour started we were told we’d be going to the 1992 Olympic stadium and pool which I found exciting…….until we whizzed by it.  My disappointment at flying by the Olympic facilities was abated somewhat when we stopped at a vista point overlooking the city shortly after the Olympic drive by.  From this vista we could see pretty much the whole city which is, I guess, why it’s a vista point.  The view was great n’ all but as we headed back to the bus I glanced down and saw some cool mosaic.  I’ve always had an affinity for mosaic and the effort that goes into creating it; I’ve attempted a few, very few because they take so much work.  Anyway I found the mosaic on the ground much more interesting than the view of Barcelona and seeing it caused me to forget the glancing of the stadium.  Speaking of the effort it takes to make mosaics I was blown away by the one I saw in the Vatican Museum.  I wanted to take more pictures but our tour leader was rapidly fading off in the throng of people at the museum and I had to sprint to catch up; totally worth the photo I snapped.

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2 thoughts on “In Situ

  1. I love Barcelona. Not only because there are many cheap options there, but the “Dr. Seuss” park or the Park Guella is PHENOMENAL!!!! It is like out of a story book! Nice posting 🙂

  2. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, hope that’s cool. You can find the rules here:

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