Things about Europe, and this trip, that confuse me.

1. Why are the toilets in each country different? More specifically, why do the flush differently?
2. Why does Italy have toilet paper dispensed like tissues and not a roll?
3. Who made the driving rules and why don’t they have more accidents? (Ok, that’s really two questions so…)
5. Why did Pisa smell like piss? (To be fair parts of San Francisco and other famous places do too; I’m just going for the cheap laugh).
6. Why don’t Americans adopt the European attitude and just go out and chill with the neighbors and friends every night? I mean just tonight one of the hotels here had a lobby full of elder people dancing.
7. Why is the McDonalds logo green?
8. Does the Disney store really need to be in Florence, and if so, do Americans need to buy stuff from it? Apparently


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4 thoughts on “Things about Europe, and this trip, that confuse me.

  1. Hmm, I can see you haven’t been to Paris yet. It smells way worse than Pisa. Actually, I haven’t been to Pisa so I cannot confirm that. But it is way worse than anything I smelled anywhere in Italy.
    By the way, did you try ordering your drink with ice in Italy, and have the waiter laugh in your face?

  2. Mario Vernari

    Hello There!
    I loved a lot your posts, especially this one!…And bear in mind that I’m Italian at 100% (Venezia).
    Well, don’t be surprised by asking yourself such those questions: the more you stay in Italy, the higher will be the number of questions incoming. Along my life there’s a number of questions still unanswered.
    BTW, most of the questions could be summed up with an only one: “why, once in Italy, every step I make the country changes?”. We’re mostly individualists, making a great effort to change our traditions, but we also love the life’s pleasures.
    That’s also because you’ll find lots of different wines, cheeses, landscapes, dialects, cultures, and everyone will jealously fight for keeping it. Probably, if we’d not so, none will come here!
    Hope you found some nice reason for loving Italy, as well as many other countries worldwide.

    • My reasons for loving the parts of Italy I saw: Florence; the landscapes reminded me of home in California; the obvious love of life the Italians have.

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