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London 2016 revisited

A week back seems a good time to revisit my trip, beginning with London. I kinda wish we had gone after the Brexit vote, London might have been cheaper. The trip began, as most do, with arrival:


Shortly after arrival we took Tube and hoofed it here:



Which was to be our residence for the next few days. It was a great place in a good location and even had pub cat, which I inadvertantly let upstairs. Hope they found it. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time that’d happened.

One of the first things we did, after a night of rest, was head here:


To witness the changing of the guard, the coolest part of which was the music plyed by the guards, particularly this:

Following the pomp and circumstance we wandered over here:



Where we foraged for food and saw lots of ineresting stuff like pumkinish tomatoes….


Tiny potatos….


Pretty flowers….


Great photo ops….


And Applebees….?


Other touristy things we did, besides eating fish and chips, was visit the Tower of London where I was determined to find the exit hole for the “bathrooms” in the tower. Which I did; can you?


There were also animals formed from chicken wire:

And great view of this….


We made time for the Eye:


Westminster Abbey:


(Love catching people taking pictures.)

And Trafalgar Square where I played with my cameras’ filters:


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Of Long Days and Moist Kiddos

(I think I might be setting the bar a wee bit high on the titles.) As the title begs explanation, here it is: I learned yesterday that one of the students on the trip doesn’t like to be called kiddo, so of course I call them that as often as possible. At one point I asked, “What about moist?”

“Oh, I hate that word too!”

<Brief pause>

“Well, then moist kiddos must be the worst!” I said with a huge smile on my face. I’ll let the reader take that wherever they want.

(Story note: it’s really been several days since I started this post, so I’ll try and summarize those days to catch up.)

Day 2

Visit to Harrod’s to grab some breakfast and be amazed at the amount of awesome stuff neatly presented, then headed off to see the changing of the guard, which was a lot like one would expect; a huge crowd of people, police keeping them wrangled (incidentally, British police are very polite), and lots of eating for a few moments of cool.

From there we headed to Borough Market which was full of all manner of cool things to see and yummy stuff to eat.

After some grub and gawking it was over to the Tower of London, to learn of torture and moats; so I of course took a picture of some chicken wire baboons.

Oops, forgot, on the way to the Tower of London we also visited the Tower Bridge.

From the Tower, we mosied over to Oxford Square for a little shopping and dinner. 

Day 3 we headed to Oxford to visit the town and schools which was quite nice save the bus rides to and from which took longer than the bus company said they would, and caused us to miss riding the London Eye at night.

There was a sweet cemetery too, but those pics are on my camera which has a dead battery; so you’ll have to wait for t

Day 4 & 5 (they blurred together for me) caught the London Eye prior to the gauntlet at became our journey to Hungary. Though our travel to Hungary was harrowing and delayed my arrival at the hotel made up for it when I turned down the hall toward my room and there was a tall attractive blonde in the hallway; in her underwear. Unfortunately I discovered the next morning that said siren was part of an Italian high school team, #awkward.

Soooo, Hungary, loving it!

Nearly forgot, London Eye!

Day 6 Hungary tour. We began at the Buda Castle, had a casual kebab lunch in the city center and finished up “swimming” in the pool fed by hot springs. I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was a giant public pool with all manner of people enjoying the water and watching soccer on a giant screen.

Then a nice dinner and an early return to the hotel where I am now enjoying a beer and the Germany/Ukraine game.

Tomorrow, we wrap up Budapest and head to Vienna!

Whoops! Forgot today’s Danube cruise.

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