Netherlands Post Visit – Cafe Culture

Why don’t we have a cafe culture in the U.S.?  Sure there’s a bar culture and a coffee shop culture, but it’s not the same as the cafe culture in many European countries. Cafe culture is just so casual, and relaxing. It is so enjoyable to have a seat, preferably outside, order a beer with some snacks or lunch, and lazily watch the world go by.

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4 thoughts on “Netherlands Post Visit – Cafe Culture

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  3. Is it because we think we have too much work to do? We don’t even take vacations!

    • Good point. We do seem to be more concerned with keeping busy than many places in Europe. I found it hard to slow down and get used to European portion sizes, (or should I say realistic portion sizes), when I first started travelling. I still can’t get used to hot milk in my coffee.

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