Adventuring in the Netherlands – Last Post from in Country

I was one of the kids who couldn’t wear regular pants; I had to shop the ‘Husky’ section. I’m not sure how that word was intended to make one feel but it made me feel fat. (At least that’s better than the ‘pretty plus’ area they had in the girls section when I worked at Sears; that just begs the question, plus what?) I didn’t feel any less fat with my mom helping me pick my ‘Husky’ pants. “The regular cut are just too tight dear, let me get you some Huskies.”
The terminology got a little better by the time I was in 8th grade. I remember being fitted for a suit and the tailor told my dad, “We’ll have to let out the coat a bit, he’s got an athletic build.”
“Now we’re talkin’,” I thought. “Wait, what kind of athlete? Sumo wrestler? Football player? Weight lifter?”
Actually what ‘athletic build’ translated to is T-shirts don’t fit me. Sure there are worse problems to have, but when you’re squandering Euros on sweet T-shirts you want to be sure they’ll fit for a while. Meh, I’ll just continue to enjoy my beer, the view and this cafe on my last afternoon in Utrecht.
The day started with a bike ride out to my brothers office/data center that he is setting up here. Along the way I took these:

20130704-224702.jpg What the?

20130704-224807.jpg Oh, a net for garbage so you don’t have to stop! Awesome! (I was going a little too fast to get the whole thing, sorry)

20130704-225026.jpg Ooooo! A tower!

20130704-225120.jpg McDrive? Hee-Hee.

20130704-225243.jpg This cat joined us for lunch.

20130704-225430.jpg What th….Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha {gasp} hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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