Day 1

Arrived yesterday after a total of a out 13 hours plane time, 10 from SF to Fankfurt, the. About 3 from there to Madrid. Needles to say the trip was exhausting, I was only able to sleep for about two hours total.

Though I was beat by the time we got to the hotel I had to go for a walk. On said walk I discovered this:


I had no idea.

The whole group took a short walking tour then went to dinner. Madrid is absolutely beautiful. The WiFi situation is a bit spotty so my posts may not be as frequent. But I’ll have lots of great photos to share. Today is the palace tour, the Prado Museum, the Museo de Reina Sofia, and a flamenco show after dinner. Gonna be a good day!

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One thought on “Day 1

  1. The cafe at the Reina Sofia was one of our favorite Wi-Fi spots!

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