T- Minus 7

In six days I depart for Europe with 3 other teachers and 22 students.  We’ll be venturing to Spain, France and Italy.  Upon arriving in Spain we’ll hook up with several other schools from around the US bringing our group to a total of 54.  Having lots of experience taking large groups of students on field trips I know that coralling a pack of teenagers away from home is both challenging, entertaining, and awesome. Our group is full of great kids and I don’t expect too many surprises beyond the one I had at our last meeting on Friday.  We were signing kids up for a bicycle tour of Barcelona and one student did not want to go, or rather could not, because they didn’t know how  to ride a bike.  Totally unexpected.  Doesn’t everyone at one time or another learn how to ride a bike?  Anyway, knock on wood, as long as the suprises are of that ilk we’ll have a great time.

Here is a map of our trip:

And here are some of the things we’ll be doing.  I’m not trying to create any jealousy here or anything 😉

Day 1: Fly overnight to Spain

Day 2: Madrid

o Arrive in Madrid

o Take a walking tour of Madrid

o Visit the Prado

Day 3

oTake a guided tour of Madrid
Puerto del Sol

oPlaza Mayor

oPlaza de Oriente

oVisit the Royal Palace

oMadrid Flamenco Evening

Day 4: Zaragoza • Barcelona

o Travel via Zaragoza to Barcelona

Day 5: Barcelona

o Take a guided tour of Barcelona

o Bike tour of Barcelona

Day 6: Carcassonne • Provence

o Take a tour of Carcassonne

o Travel to Provence

Day 7: Avignon • French Riviera

o Take a tour of Avignon

o Visit the Palais des Papes

o Visit the Pont du Gard

o Travel to the French Riviera

o Take a walking tour of Nice:

o Vieille Ville

o Promenade des Anglais

Day 8: Pisa • Florence

o Travel to Pisa

o See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

o Visit the Pisa Baptistery

o Visit Pisa Cathedral

o Continue on to the French Riviera

Day 9: Florence

o Take a guided tour of Florence

o Piazza della Signoria

o Ponte Vecchio

o Chiesa di Santa Croce

o Gates of Paradise

o Visit the Duomo

o See a leather-making demonstration

Day 10: Assisi • Rome

o Travel via Assisi to Rome

o Visit the Basilica of St. Francis

o Continue on to Rome

Day 11: Rome

o Take a guided tour of Vatican City

o Visit the Sistine Chapel

o Visit St. Peter’s Basilica

o Take a guided tour of Rome

o Visit the Colosseum

o Visit the Roman Forum

o Take a self-guided walking tour of Rome

o Trevi Fountain

o Pantheon

o Piazza Navona

o Spanish Steps

Day 12: Depart for home

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2 thoughts on “T- Minus 7

  1. Have a great trip, it sounds fabulous!

  2. Oh, no! You guys are skipping Venice? It is my favourite part of Italy. Well, maybe split with Rome, but still. I love Venice. That is one city that I don’t mind returning to every couple of years.

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